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I am very passionate about music technology, as you may have noticed. I see a very clear connection between a sound board and the Gospel being proclaimed. Often times the booth/table/cut out/crawl space/cranny that the sound equipment goes gets overlooked. However, when I walk into any room that has a PA system, I immediately look for the operator and the gear they are using. During the event, all I can think about it the way everything sounds. Luckily, I get to combine this passion of mine with the Gospel. I will have many blogs letting you know about my experience of my life from the back of the room, but for now I will share why I pursue this area.

1. Presenting the Gospel

2. Love Language

3. Pursuing Creativity

4. Spiritual Gifts

First off, I would not be doing what I am doing if the Gospel wasn’t being proclaimed. I want to connect lost students with Christ. As I look back on my life, I see conferences and retreats having a huge impact on my life. I came into college not wanting to get involved with any sort of spiritual club. I checked out all the fraternities and sports clubs on campus, and throwing away the flyers from the weird Christian clubs. However, one thing lead to another and I ended up going to Fall retreat with Cru and that is where I really started my walk with Jesus. Fast forward three years to Winter Conference of my senior year, and I decide to intern with Cru full-time. Conferences and retreats are just a great way to remove yourself from the distractions of this world (Homework, work, family, social gatherings, chores, etc…) and really take some time to pursue the Lord and hear from Him.  I want to create an atmosphere where people can make undistracted decisions to worship Christ.

2. My love language is Acts of Service. I love being able to do things that most people don’t want to do or maybe don’t know how to do. Not many people like/know how to do sound (which is pretty evident in many many churches nowadays), so I want to serve in that way. I love to serve people to make them feel comfortable. My motto is “The more people notice me, the worse of a job I am doing”. I want people to walk into a room and start dancing because of the music I have picked. I want them to be able to sing to the God of the universe without having to strain to hear the lyrics or thinking the guitar is too high. I want them to hear the speaker without having to hear feedback. If I can accomplish this, no one will notice me and everyone will hopefully  be relying on the Spirit to remind them of the Scriptures. I love being hospitable, and when people walk into a room that I am working in, they are walking into my home!

3. Pursuing Creative outlets. I have been really realizing lately that Christians aren’t that creative… OK, maybe they can be, but when it comes to implementation of their ideas, not much happens. Specifically when I look at music, Christians are almost always a few years behind on the times. We worship the creator of the universe! We need to be the most creative people on the earth and therefore setting cultural trends! We shouldn’t be playing catch-up trying to reach people for Christ. So, I decided to pursue the creative part of my life as a full-time ministry, and hopefully inspire people to really be creative as they serve the Lord. You don’t need to be a preacher in order to serve God full-time.

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