Aaron Kretzmann


My name is Aaron Kretzmann, and I graduated in 2011 from Cal Poly POMONA! I graduated with a BA in Music Recording Technologies. I am combining that passion with my number 1 passion of connecting lost people to Christ. Thank you for visiting my site, I love having people coming along side of me in whatever capacity they can.

I am so excited to be working for Cru because I became a Christian in college through Cru. They hooked me in by a free BBQ, and God revealed himself to me at a Fall Retreat in 2007. Three years later he called me to intern with Cru at a Winter Conference. I interned with Cru from 2011-2013, and realized that I love it! Since I made such big decisions at retreats and conferences, I decided to join the team that puts them on. I am excited to bring students into a relationship with Christ, build them up, and send them out through conferences and retreats!

My role in Cru is to oversee all the audio in our region, from weekly meetings at the various campuses, to conferences and retreats. Our region covers California, Arizona, Hawai’i and Las Vegas. I am passionate about creating an undistracted atmosphere so students are free to worship Christ and make decisions that will impact eternity.

One thought on “Aaron Kretzmann

    Chris said:
    April 22, 2014 at 4:01 am

    Hey Aaron, can you explain a little more what you’ll be doing? How do you manage sound in 4 different states? Can you paint us a picture?

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