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I love sports. I love physical activity. I love things that make you sweat. That feeling that you get when your done with a workout, absolutely wonderful, and your telling me there’s ways you can get financial rewards for it?

Alright, now, before you go out and buy new shoes and running clothes. . . This isn’t money in the bank, way more creative for that. First off, you may have seen all sorts of post on my facebook page with Charity Miles. Whenever you see them you probably pass over them because you see it’s just another stupid running app to show off that am still young and fit. However, Charity Miles is way more than that! From my understanding, they have investors and businesses that are not sure where to give their charity money, and are a little tired of just giving away. So founder ____ decided to start an organization that would start to sponsor people to run!

That’s right! Every time you see one of those posts, that means I was paid to run! But again, this money doesn’t go to me… The way it works is all the money that goes into a pot, and for every mile I run, 25 cents goes to the charity that I chose to run for that day. So earlier today I ran 2.2 miles, and I chose to run for the World Food Programme because I know they are helping with relief in the Philippines. So, it said for every mile I ran, I helped feed 2 people. So I helped feed almost 5 people just by going on a run! I don’t know what happens here on the back end, but hey, I’m running anyway! It is a free app for iOS or Android! Check it out!

Second, have you seen the squatting machine that supplies subway tickets?

No? Look below? Yes? Watch again, it’s great 🙂

(only 83 days until the Olympics!!!)

So would you do it for a free ride? COULD you do it for a free ride?

This stuff just gets me so excited! I love seeing all these resources promoting fitness, being in shape, and doing it in creative ways. If you don’t know my desire for creativity in all areas of life (especially spiritually) let me know in the comments, maybe I’ll write about it soon 🙂

What gets you motivated to exercise? What age were you when you were in the best shape of your life?

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