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The other day, I spent about 30 minutes watching those adorable kids in the AT&T commercials talk about whether it’s better to be fast or slow, eat a lot of candy or only a little, having a big tree house or a small tree house, ya know, the pressing matters that affect our day to day lives.

As I sat there wasting time on YouTube, it got me thinking about other great commercial campaigns. I’ve never really HATED commercials, in fact with the rise of Netflix and things like that I have noticed that commercials are often strategically placed to kind of give you a break and reflect back on what just happened. But, regardless, some of the most fun commercials for me have been commercials that are a part of a series or campaign, commercials that take forethought and creativity. So here are some commercials that you probably don’t mind watching.


Number 3:
Let’s start with those cute little AT&T kids! Kids really do say the darnest things! The commercial is way oversimplifying a complex issue of which cell phone provider, but the thought is appreciated, and definitely makes me remember AT&T

Number 2:
It was tough to even choose one campaign from this company. I could easily do a top three from Geico alone! But, I am loving the “Happier than a…” commercials. The thing I love about Geico is they take everyday things in our lives that we don’t talk about or just kindof brush over, and make a commercial about them where we all laugh! Plus, they have banjos!

Number 1!
This one could be a surprising pick, and maybe some have already forgotten about this campaign. I don’t even like this product (actually, I have Verizon and Mercury Insurance, so I don’t even use the products from the top three… Maybe I’ll address this in another blog), but number one is Emerald Nuts! I swear they just rolled a big 345-sided die with adjectives starting with E and a 745-sided die with nouns starting N (because obviously there’s probably more N nouns than E adjective.. Tell me if I’m wrong). Very simple, but again, putting it into action is absolutely hilarious!

(it was hard to find some of the funniest ones. Let me know if you find them!)

So, do I have this list correct? What are your top 3? Any ideas for the next great campaign? Let me know in the comment section!

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