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Happy Birthday Facebook!!

It’s been pretty cool to see all those neat little videos that people people have been posting.. Oh, wait, I never actually looked at any (besides my own). Really, Facebook’s whole video thing was just a way for us to look back at our own lives through the past 10 (or for most of us, 6-7) years, we don’t really care about other people. Anyway..

It got me thinking about how much time we spend on Facebook. Personally, I have posted 17,977 times on Facebook. Holy moly! That’s a lot in 7.5 years! It could be very easy to go down the road that Facebook is a big waste of time, and that it’s ruining friendships, but I have many arguments against that that I will save for a later date. However, one argument to that is, I just hung out with a friend I haven’t seen in 19 years! If you do the math, I am 24, so that means we haven’t hung out since I was 5! We went to Kindergarten together, and only through Facebook were we able to reconnect! We had a great time strolling through Downtown Disney.

As much as I love Facebook, reconnecting with friends, staying updated on big life events and looking a memes about how much cooler dogs are than cats, it is purely a supplement to friendships and nowhere near a replacement. We still need to have physical contact and conversations to really build relationships.

And then I thought about my relationship with Jesus. I thought about all the info I could throw on his profile: Born in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth, born December 25th (most likely not…), Works at “all over the world”, all that stuff. Heck, if he had a Facebook I would have him as my close friend and get updates any time he turned water into wine, be one of the 10K “likes” when he healed someones broken legs. Maybe even if I saw him online I would shoot him a message to see how things are going and catch up. But that is often times where I leave my relationship with Jesus, at the Facebook level. With out current friends, we hang out with them couple times a week at least, so why is it so hard to spend even just once a month in a long hangout sesh with Jesus? Why can’t we just take a hike and instead of looking at Jesus latest Insta, look at His creation! Instead of reading a snippet of the Sermon on the Mount, spending a day and letting it sink in and take control of our lives!

How do you take your relationship with Jesus beyond the Facebook level?

What do you do when you wanna kick it with Jesus?

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