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This summer at National Cru Conference in Colorado, we had a very impactful speaker share about her search for her identity, especially her ethnic identity. She shared with us a poem she wrote in college explain where she came from. She started every line with “I am from…”. After she shared it with us she asked us all to do one ourselves, and in all honesty, I thought it was kinda weird and didn’t want to do it. It worked for her, but it can’t work for me. Whereas I didn’t have a life altering epiphany, it was pretty neat to do. So I thought it would be great to do for my first blog entry:

I am from two loving parents who modeled how to love a spouse.

I am from two parents who still love each other after 37 years

I am from a family with two older brothers

I am from a family that loves and encourages me to do the best I can

I am from Germany. Period. No other ancestry. (great great grandparents immigrated here)

I am from parents who helped me along in life without holding my hand and they let me fall once in a while

I am from a community who set me up to make whatever decisions I wanted to and love me anyway

I am from a group of friends who love me despite my many flaws

I am from a neighborhood that was safe to play on the street

I am from a school that gave me very focused attention and helped me strive to learn all I could

I am from a Cru movement who showed me who Jesus was and what He has done for me

I am from a Cru movement that made me the way I am today

I am from God the Father

I am from Jesus Christ

I am from the Holy Spirit

I am from the Trinity – Three in One


Where are you from? What are your first three lines?


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