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Mark 2:4 “Being unable to get to him because of the crowds, they removed the roof above him; And when they had dug an opening they let down the pallet on which the paralytic was laying”


I am taking an online New Testament Survey class, in which one of the assignments is to read a chapter and pick a verse that really stuck out.

I really loved this whole chapter, and it really screamed “follow Jesus with reckless abandon”, a huge wake-up call for me!

I really loved this verse though. The paralytic and his friends would stop at nothing in order to get the paralytic to Jesus. First, who knows how far his friends carried him in order to get to where Jesus was, coulda have been a few miles (yes, it also could have been 20 feet, don’t worry, I won’t be one of those writers that exaggerates stories I know absolutely nothing about to make Jesus look cool. He can look cool enough on His own). Second, once they get there, Jesus had a great multitude of people following him already. This is at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, and everyone wanted to see what He was all about, including  the paralytic and his friends. So, again, first the friends carry this man on a mat to where they hear Jesus was, but the room is full!

The friends will not stop there. They end up climbing up to the roof while still carrying a paralytic on a mat! They proceed to dig up the roof and get a hole big enough to lower down the paralytic. Random side tangent: I really hope the first hole they dug was on the wrong place. I would love to see that happen. They dig a hole, but Jesus is on the other side of the room. “Dangit. Guys, we gotta move over a few yards…” Then they lower him down, with absolutely no idea of what will happen. Again, this is the beginning of Jesus ministry. Jesus could have walked away from him, tried to heal him but didn’t have the power, or he could have healed him. They lower him down, and what does Jesus say? “Son, your sins are forgiven”. Wait what? That’s not what we came for! But, Jesus knows that the heart is what matters. Then He ends up healing the paralytic, and him and his friends run through the town singing praises.

So first off, what am I doing to draw closer to Jesus? Where am I stopping in my relationship in getting to Jesus? Would I even leave my house, stop when I see the crowd, stop after I dug a hole in the wrong place?

The thing is, I don’t have to fight a crowd to get to Jesus. We don’t need to fight a crowd to get to Jesus. Jesus is just chillin in an empty room, reading a book, smoking a pipe just waiting for me to talk with Him, waiting for you to go talk to Him. Yet, I know for me, I still do not draw closer to Him. Too often I look toward the immediate gratification of reaching the next level in Clash of Clans, or checking to see how many notifications I have on Facebook since I last checked (10 minutes ago).

For me, I am praying this blog will keep my mind engaged on Jesus. I want to continue to be seeking truth from what I read, share it with others, and then have them respond. However, all that only happens when I draw close to Him.

Do you have any other insights on this passage?

What hinders you from drawing closer to Jesus?

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